Our Partners: FUNDEHUMAC
 Web site: www.fundehumac.org

FUNDEHUMAC, is a small, highly effective not for profit organization based in Santa Marta, Colombia. It was established in the late 1990s to help victims of Colombia’s long and terrible violence to become reintegrated into the Colombian economy and society.

Alba Lucia Varela Moreno, founder and president of FUNDEHUMAC has more than 15 years of experience working to improve conditions for disadvantaged populations in Colombia. Trained as a sociologist, Alba worked for the government where she was increasingly frustrated by excellent programs that were compromised by corruption and lack of empathy for the people they were designed to serve. Alba eventually decided to leave her job and set up her own foundation to actually deliver the types of services the government programs had been designed to deliver.  FUNDEHUMAC has four distinct programs which have different sources of funding and each one provides synergies for the others. It first began offering support to 1500 victims of Colombia’s violence, offering psychological counseling and assistance in gaining access to the many government programs which exist to support these victims.

In addition to human rights and micro-credit programs, FUNDEHUMAC administers a program providing scholarship and community action training for 21 university students, counseling and support services for 125 displaced primary and secondary school children and economic support for 25 primary school students who receive uniforms and books through FUNDEHUMAC programs.

FUNDEHUMAC has very low overhead, operating from a room in Alba’s home in Santa Marta.  As part of the scholarship terms, the 21 scholarship students agree to provide community service which includes administrative support for FUNDEHUMAC programs.