Loan recipients mentoring by our partners

In addition to administering the loans, collecting repayment and submitting reports to Miami, the Colombian partners support the loan recipients in a variety of ways. FUNDEHUMAC has a team of university professors, lawyers and social workers to conduct workshops, help individuals work through crisis and give expert consultation as needed. FUNDEHUMAC also administers an elementary and college education program and has established a support network through which the loan recipients and scholarship families help each other. ODRI in Popayan was praised by a U.S. Aid official in Bogota as providing the best marketing expertise available in rural Latin America. APRODEFA requires that prospective entrepreneurs complete a training course before receiving a loan. They also provide savings and loan services for all of their members, modeled loosely on GRAMEEN bank services. With small loans provided through The Colombia Project plus technical assistance and mentoring by our grassroots partners, Colombia Project families have the opportunity to break the cycle of dependence.